The Demographic Challenge

Apart from the issue of natural resources, demographic change is by far the most significant challenge facing Switzerland, Europe and ultimately the whole world in the next 30 – 40 years. The decades to come will bring a transformation which neither experience nor history has prepared us for. The relatively slow pace of demographic change means that a focus on the next decades, rather than just on the next few years, is essential.

This is what makes the task so difficult. The challenge is all the greater for us, the citizens, because we are increasingly being expected to take responsibility for our own futures. We all have to learn how to cope confidently with change and new circumstances and to make sensible judgements about the role we can play.

We can only do this if we have a good store of knowledge about the issues and if we have sufficient confidence in the relevant institutions. This is the objective of my «demographic challenge» website. It aims to make knowledge and information available in order to facilitate a broader public debate about the following question:

«What will happen to a country like Switzerland if we don't tackle demographic change?»

The public pressure that will build up as a result of this debate will help the country clarify its options and priorities.

- Hans Groth -